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in Archipelagic Regions

Ocean Governance

International Conference

7 - 10 October 2019

Faial (Azores, Portugal)



Active public participation is at the core of the conference.

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Towards ecosystem-based management and sustainable use of marine resources



The 2019 International Conference - Ocean Governance in Archipelagic Regions aims to bring together representatives of the various maritime sectors, on all its economic, social political and environmental dimensions, to discuss the challenges, opportunities and solutions towards a sustainable management of island systems and also to strengthen the role of scientific and technological research.



The main focus of the event will be fisheries, marine protected areas and maritime spatial planning.



It targets maritime professionals, decision makers and entrepreneurs from businesses, governments, public institutions, NGOs and academia.


Stakeholders will find at OGAR a great opportunity to actively participate in the discussions and to have their voice heard, as well as network and touch base with strategic partners and to gain new insight into the evolving maritime policy and new research findings.


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